Running as a release 

I have known that running helps me in more ways than one and now I have not run for a little while this is having an effect. I have not had the best start to the new year.  I have been very stressed with the study and exam I did (even though I passed).  My…

15 wonderful years

15 years ago you came into my life and it’s never been the same since. I love you more than words can express.  Happy anniversary baby xxxxx   

#dogwoodweek4 (or should that be catwood?)

Shoot a “selfie” of someone else. This is the challenge for week 4 so I opted to take a selfie of Tilly. I was trying to get an angelic photo but instead I ended up with the rather fun candid pose. I’m not she’d 100% agree with this photo but I like it! 😃 At…


“Shoot whatever inspires you. Red should be the focus of the image. Don’t be afraid to be creative.” Considering everything that we have which is red (it’s my favourite colour), I thought I would shoot something less permanent but something that I found enjoyable as a child… Strawberry jelly 😃  Yum! I’ve made the dessert…

Walking off the cobwebs

We’ve both been very busy so decided to go out and get some air today and headed to Dunwich Heath.

A vroom with a view!

I have been away for two days this week with my global team – this is not something we do that often now.


In the second part of the Dogwood photography challenge was themed as a landscape week.

Resting at present

Following the problem I had with my run on New Year’s Eve with my ITB, I have not been for a run since. I wanted to have a  gait analysis completed this week to check my form and find some new shoes but I have decided that is probably not a good idea. I am…


Apart from running, cats, my baby, history and hunky men (!), I have other interested and one of these is photography. Like many people I like to take snaps and try my best to take photographs but don’t aways hit the mark. To challenge myself I have decided to take up the Dogwood 52 Week…

Happy Tilly-versary!

A year ago today we adopted Tilly from the local Blue Cross animal shelter. After having mature cats for so long it’s been a reboot of the learning curve with Tilly about the house. She’s a young cat and is into everything (although miraculously the Christmas tree is still standing – one more day..!). We…