Framing the shot. The focus is me.


No Thrill Windchill

It really does pay to go outside and not rely on apps to tell you what the weather is doing. Otherwise you may find the conditions to be rather unexpected.

Three for three

Not a bad start to my running year. Three runs under my belt this week.  More intervals today. Bit tough as I was sore from Fridays run.  Turns out I managed a Nike challenge too (which wasn't planned). Win win! Now for the new week and the challenges that brings.   Happy running everyone. 

A question for photographers

Are you a photographer? Do you store and edit photos on your computer/laptop. Maybe you could help me with a question I have about which system you use..?

Why do you run?*

What do you do when a small child asks you quite a profound question when you're out for a run? Don't ask me! I have no idea!

Here we go again

I had been thinking about getting back into a running routine for a while and was determined so I put my trainers on today and braved the cold. The omens weren't great for todays run though. As soon as I left the house the heavens opened. It was already bracing but I was determined to... Continue Reading →

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