A smooth run indeed

After an aborted attempt at a run this morning, I got my trainers on a got pounding the tarmac this afternoon.

It felt a little odd to run in the middle of the day but I have a worthwhile excuse as I got to have the morning cuddled up in bed with my baby followed by a delicious English Breakfast and a browse around the shops in Bury St Edmunds all before my run!

Bury St Edmunds
Bury St Edmunds

As you know from my previous couple of posts I have become increasingly annoyed with the Nike+ Running app due to it crashing constantly, but don’t feel I can give it up as a it has a record of all my runs to date. Thankfully I have discovered the iSmoothRun app (an app I investigated a couple of months ago) and in a moments weakness I parted with the £3 on the train to purchase and download it!

I bought it as it can coach you on a basic level (I mean it’s not as polite or as human as GetRunning) but it can export your data to Nike+, Daily Mile and Run Keeper (plus many more) – all of which I have been keeping up to date manually.

The app works in the same way as the Nike+ app so it locks onto a GPS signal and records your route, time and pace and switches to the accelerometer in the phone to keep recording when the signal is unavailable.

It has some nice features such as auto pause but to be honest I am going to switch this off. The idea is to stop recording your run if you stop, say to cross at traffic lights. Nice idea but mine stopped twice. Once when I shut the front door and then when I was reading the data mid run (and not swinging my arm around). It did restart but I think it’s just a tad annoying.

Not too bad though and the main thing is the app didn’t crash.

You can set your own workouts so I have set one up which is just like the route I have been running with GetRunning – I have a 5 minute walk warm up, 30 minute run and then a 5 minute cool down. This can be configured however you want and what is really nice is that you get a proper breakdown of the workout only (as well as the whole session) as it knows what you have set as a workout and what isn’t.

The app also tracks your cadence and it’s good to know that when running I am doing so at the average of 80 steps per minute. The app does have a built-in metronome to build up your cadence but that’s for another time.

There are loads of features but I like it because it does what my other apps have done and does most of it just as well whilst allowing flexibility to configure the app for the workout I want to do. I have since removed a number of apps as a result of installing this one.

I felt great today even though I didn’t have a coach to spur me on. I now have a route I know I can do in 28 minutes as a solid run and today I pushed myself to 30 minutes. I felt fine apart from some pins and needles in my right foot but that was probably caused by me starting a little hard and fast.

Here’s how the maps compare (both generated automatically from the information tracked in iSmoothRun):

Here's my usual Nike+ Running Map
Here’s my usual Nike+ Running Map
Here's the same run on iSmoothRun which I believe gives more details
Here’s the same run on iSmoothRun which I believe gives more details

I don’t get any cheers in iSmoothRun which is a shame as I enjoyed getting those but general feedback, encouragement and sponsorship from you guys all go a long way to motivate me. I’m now £15 away from £1,000 – will you push my total into 3 figures? Go on, sponsor me! You know you want to!

I have been posting tracks that I have found most motivating during my runs. A nice surprise in iSmoothRun is that is tells me what was playing when I ran the fastest! During this run my fastest song was Nasty (Extended) by Janet Jackson 🙂

And the best thing was I had a great run, enjoyed snuggles with my baby and managed to miss the rain whilst completing the run. Now I can enjoy the rest of the long bank holiday weekend with a well-earned two-day rest 🙂

I want to say a special hello to Enda (my MoRunning running partner) who his longest run today and pushed himself to 14K – way to go Mister!



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