I'd like to say I am enjoying these cold runs but I'd be lying.

I only headed out for a 20 minute run tonight as I am really tired following work on Sunday and Monday. I've also still got pain in my lower back but I am determined to preserve with the runs.

It may not have been a long run but I am happy with what I achieved and do feel better for it this evening. I was sure I was so dead asleep on the train home I may of possibly missed my stop. Thankfully the carriage had a loud loudspeaker in it and woke up just in time! The run has reinvigorated me once more.

I covered nearly 4k tonight which is good as I simply need to maintain this time and distance and a bit more on Sunday when I run the Colchester Santa 5K in aid of Colchester Hospital.

I am looking for sponsorship but am not aiming to reach the grand total I made for Alzheimer's Society when I ran the Mo Run 10K a couple weeks ago.

I want to run this race on Sunday because…

  1. It keeps me interested in running
  2. It's only 5K!
  3. I get to dress up as Santa
  4. That sounds like a bit of a laugh
  5. It's on our doorstep
  6. I'd be raising money for the local hospital who kindly took care of me as an emergency admission at the beginning of the year

Not an accurate depicts of this Sundays race!

I'm £25 away from my target – will you help me raise money for this local and worthwhile cause?

Go on, it has to be worth it to see me dressed as Santa!



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