Here comes Santa Claus – all 500 of him!

Today was the 3rd Colchester Santa Run in aid of Colchester Hospital Charity.

I signed up for the run ages ago when I had signed up for my MoRun and thought it would be worthwhile as it was on our doorstep, looked like fun and was in aid of the local hospital.

I was not sure what to expect as this was a fun run more than a race and was split between a 5K event and a 3K event.

Unlike the MoRun this was much more gentile – there was a great atmosphere when everyone was changing into their Santa suits. There were no timing chips or race numbers – we were just out to run, enjoy the wonderful park and have some fun.

People of all ages took part and there were loads of children, people with disabilities and runners with dogs participated – it was quite a spectacle, especially as we were all dressed as

Somehow I managed to end up at the beginning of the pack when the 5K Santa's set off and I managed a great pace. I did go too far too quickly but I managed to regulate my pace and got into a good stride.

Just like the MoRun in Greenwich there were a couple of hills to conquer and this didn't do me any favours today but I did ensure I paced myself through the hills as much as I could.

We haven't really explored the park that much and as there was an extended route along the river for the 5K Santa's it felt odd to follow everyone else and not know at which point we would turn back!

I think I need to look into checking out routes as much as I can before I race – there was a published map for Greenwich but not for this one.

There was a loop in this course which saw us running back on ourselves and it was at this point along the river when I saw the front-runners. I had slowed from the pack to a stride I was happy with and I was very happy to see the fit guys and squaddies passing me from the front of the pack 😉

This race was lovely to do because it contained people of all ages and abilities which made it a fun run.

I cannot say I was a fan of the Santa suit though. The jacket kept undoing and it put me off my stride so many times. In fact 2/3 of the way in and I gave up. I tried to undress mid run then realised I had my sportband on my arm so had to do some nifty manoeuvring to get my Santa jacket off without losing my iPhone or my stride. Some Santa jackets were lost on the run and there were red jackets all over the place!

By the time I crossed the line the jacket was tied around my waist and the beard was on the back of my neck but I kept the baggy trousers and Santa hat on!

I started iSmoothRun a little late into the run but my final time of 28:59 was great. I made it in earlier than Richard and I expected and the leaders made it in around 21 minutes!

It was a fun race and I am chuffed to have taken part in this great run for such a worthy local cause. It certainly is something to run amongst 500 Santa's!

If you get the chance sign up for a Santa run and join in the festive fun.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me – I felt cheeky asking for more sponsorship following the MoRun and the phenomenal amount I raised, but you guys were great again and I reached my target for Colchester Hospital Charity – thank you all x

Santa 5K.



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