Sunday Run


I got out this morning and went for my third run this week, increasing the run intervals so that I can get back into solid running again.  I managed to complete 5K this morning so I am back where I usually am with my mid-week runs.

The stats etc for today’s run are a bit pointless as I decided to run to the station to renew my rail card before I go back to work tomorrow (that’ll be an extra £23 a month – thanks Greater Anglia!).

The final stats state that I ran an average pace of 7:44 but this includes quite a bit of stop starting – at the best points of my run I was actually running 5:27.

The run was disjointed because of the stop at the station and it didn’t quite go to plan but once I bought my ticket I managed to get back into the swing of things… mostly!

It was really foggy this morning and also very cold and my lungs weren’t quite ready for this. I had to stop to catch my breath coming back through the park and did throw up a little – everything was fine after this though!

The KitSound Active also annoyed me as I wore my running jacket today and clipped it to the base of the front of the jacket.  The music sounded like it was playing on the wrong speed which ended up annoying me as my normal running playlist sounded like it was playing much slower.  The clip also slipped off my jacket so I put it in the pocket.  This was OK but it meant I couldn’t skip tracks etc.  It’s great not having any trailing leads but the jury is still out on the KitSound Active – I am not sure exactly how useful it is…

Considering the weather, the route, the distractions etc I am quite pleased with todays run.

I also managed a set of exercises on the foam roller (once I got back and did the housework).  Once again I am feeling much less pain thanks to the massage from the roller.

Fastest track of this race with Powerstripe by Tigercity 🙂



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