Extra Strong Mint Superglue Equation

First run out following returning to work and I needed it tonight as I have been quite tired since going back. My body clock is shot and my stomach demands food at random times. I've been good though and topped up with plenty of fruit.

This wasn't an issue so much today as I ate my lunch early as my stomach was growling and then was asked to attend an agency meeting with lunch. This was a 5 hour meeting so I had a second meal but was sat on my ass for the duration. I tried to be healthy but opting for Butternut Squash Risotto but it just made me feel quite bloated.

I took my water bottle to work and unknown to me the condensation on the bottle had part dissolved an Extra Strong Mint onto itself.

I filled the bottle up, got dressed and as I started my run realised I couldn't release my hand from the bottle. The combination of mint and water had acted like glue. It was very very sticky and very very sweet but thankfully I got most of it off in the warm up. Anyone passing by must had thought I was a bit mental as I was walking in my running gear licking my hands and my bottle.

I ran 25 minutes solid today and cleared 5k which I am more than happy with considering the extra exercise etc I am getting now I am commuting again.

My fastest song of this run was Love Sign by Prince.

I'm going to start adding more and more minutes to the run now as I know 5k is the norm for me. I want to get back to running further distances and not being inhibited by the time I have available to run or the activities of the day.

This run proved again how running helps me switch off and I was glad I got out there tonight.

There seems to be a lot more runners out at present which is surprising as it is the dead of winter (although much milder than normal). I guess this means people are fulfilling their New Years resolutions. I wonder how many will still be running in a couple of weeks?



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