freezingfox*Did Not Run

I was already for my run tonight  I had a feeling it would be cold out this evening as we are now in a new cold snap but I wasn’t phased.

I met a friend for lunch, had a decent meal and was quite prepared to come out and hit the road for half an hour or so.

I feel asleep on the train and awoke just before I got to Colchester.  It was then I realised what I was up against.  Yes it was cold (-1) but as I approached Colchester I realised there wasn’t much of a view.  Yes it was dark but there was a thick fog covering the town.

Walking home it became apparent that it was quite thick and I was uncomfortable about running in such conditions.  Yes I have my high vis jacket but that wouldn’t cut through the fog and with the cold weather misting up windscreens etc I thought it best not to chance going out tonight.

*But Did Something Else Instead!

Instead I gave myself the time to spend on my foam roller, not doing post run massages but using it to strengthen muscle groups and to ease some soreness I had in my leg.

Thanks again to YouTube I found some helpful videos and alongside my usual ab crunches, I spent 20 minutes or so learning new exercises on the foam roller.

I wasn’t expecting that much from it to be honest but it really did make me stretch and utilise muscle groups that don’t really get the work.  I certainly felt like I had completed some form of workout afterwards.

I am disappointed I did not get out to run but I will try to get out tomorrow.  The temperature is supposed to be +4 tomorrow so it should be a touch warmer and clear so hopefully there won’t be any fog.


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    1. Keith says:

      Read the post! *Did Not Run

  1. RunToInspire says:

    oh I know what it means…. (hits unfollow on wordpress and twitter)

  2. RunToInspire says:

    ;0) Just messing

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