Overheard in London

20130111-162834.jpgOn the 26 to Liverpool Street this evening I experienced this event. Made me chuckle…

Bus stops at traffic lights. Guy outside looking to get on the bus. Driver opens the door. Passenger gets on

Driver “That's not a bus stop”
Passenger “sorry, what?”
Driver “that's not a bus stop, I am not supposed to let you on there”
Passenger “sorry? I don't speak any English”
Driver “really?”
Passenger “yes. I don't speak any English. No English. Cannot speak it”
Driver (laughs) “so what do you speak”
Passenger “Spanish”. (Attempts some Spanish…)
Driver responds in fluid Spanish
Passenger looks dumb struck and tried to blag his way through a conversation (obviously speaks English and not Spanish)
Driver laughs
Passenger looks embarrassed. Gets off at the next stop!

I love the guys bravado for trying to fool the driver and the driver took it in good humour.

What surprised me more was the amount of time the passenger took to try and get on the bus at the lights. He was so close to his destination he could have walked it quicker and saved himself the embarrassment!



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