It’s time to start moving (again)


niketitleIt was a bit protracted but thanks the support people at Nike and the in store staff (with proof of my conversation via email), I have managed to swap my Fuelband for a new one.

I am all set up and collecting Fuel Points once more.

The clasp was opening on my old one which meant I was close to loosing it a couple of times.

I contacted Nike and they sent me some new links.

Sadly the new links wouldn’t stay on the bracelet as it was full of calcium and rust from where I had been wearing it (it is apparently rain and shower proof…).  When I tried to release one of the screws as suggested the screw head sheared off!

They tried all this tricks in store but the guy admitted I should get a new one (after criticising me for not wiping it down after every activity!).  It made me feel as it I was some big sweaty monster.

Anyway it was all done and dusted quickly enough and I walked out with a shiny (well the original black bands aren’t shiny), new Nike+ Fuelband.








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  1. Dash says:

    Glad Nike eventually sorted it out for you but this is making me paranoid about my Fuelband. I don’t wear it in the shower but at this time of year often wear it in the rain, I need to be more vigilant about wiping it down afterwards!

    1. Keith says:

      I don’t remember seeing anything about that in the instructions. Annoys me that a device that is meant for sport and activity can have such a defect.

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