Snow run

Unlike this mad fool I have decided that it is not worth risking an accident and have abstained from running on the snow and the ice.

We had flurries at the beginning of the week which have frozen solid. More snow is forecast this evening (the rest of the UK has been badly hit today including London).

I was thinking about this on the way home and I find it interesting that I am not perturbed at all to not be out in my trainers.

Last week was a different story as I hadn't gotten out as much as I had planned and it was annoying me as I simply wanted to run.

This week I convinced myself that I would not run in such treacherous conditions and am completely at ease with the decision.

I don't stress about not running but I find it interesting that inclement weather doesn't stop me and if I miss those runs I am annoyed. Snow and ice is a completely different story though and common sense prevail.

I've read the odd blog, Nike update, site etc all advocating taking a run in the snow but I simply think it is a bad idea. Fresh snow I would guess is a challenge but we have thick sheet ice here and to be honest I was worried enough about taking the car out in it yesterday.

I nearly went ass over tip on the way to the station yesterday so I'm sure I won't be running until its all thawed.

For now I shall enjoy the comfy of our warm home and snuggle up on the sofa with Miss B and my baby.

Here's a couple snaps I took on the train of the snow at the Olympic Park in London.



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