Such a luxury

Our new sofa in the studyI worked from home today as we had our new sofa delivered (not that we had any choice about the day it was delivered.  DFS customer services in the Colchester branch are terrible.  I as told Friday the sofa would be delivered Tuesday and when I asked if I could change it I was simply told No!).

Anyway the delivery guys arrived quite early and did a sterling job.  They put matting through the ground floor and on the carpet in the study so as not to make a mess.  They were really swift and had the sofa assembled and in place in about 20 minutes.  And it looks great 🙂

Working at home means I have managed to avoid my usual commute (90 minutes each way) and am working from the comfort of the study at home.

Things have been ticking along nicely today and as usual I have gotten a lot done as I have managed to avoid the usual distractions.

I decided to capitalize on the extra time I have and went for a run during my lunch break.

It was lovely to get out during the middle of the day and in the middle of the week – such luxury is usually the preserve of the weekend.

I ran two 10 minute runs with a 3 minute walk in the middle and felt good afterwards.  It was a little drizzly out but I enjoyed the run and as it was mid day, mid week there was hardly a soul around.


With the warm up and cool down walks I finished at the 4.60K mark which is usual now.  I am going to increase my time out and amount of running gradually as I want to get back to where I was – but of course without causing myself any injury.

It’s drizzly and a little windy today but I had the drive and the energy to push through the solid ten minutes today and it felt really good to be back on top of things…

Fastest song of today’s run was Magic by The Sound of Arrows

Royal Parks LogoAfter the deliberation of the past week I took the plunge and put my name into the public ballot for the Royal Parks Half which takes place at the beginning of October.  If I get a place I have plenty of time to train – and I’ll need it as I was looking at their recommended raining plans and I’ll be starting in June!  I have entered with friends and we have all agreed to enter without paying up front – that way if we don’t get in we won’t be out-of-pocket and we can find another half marathon to compete in.

I wish the guys at Get Running would develop an app for half marathons.  I keep recommending it and mentioning it and more and more friends have downloaded and used the app to get them into running and all, like me, cannot rate the app highly enough.  It’s such an intuitive and friendly coaching app – it really does get you into running, even if you are a complete novice.  I am sure that it would not be too hard for them to create a half marathon version.  Until they do I will have to think about plugging all the training into iSmoothRun (which could also do with such training plans).

I want to say hi to my latest stalker and running contact Mandy, turns out we both are at the same stage in our running experiences and have been running for the same great cause.  Mandy is enthusiastic about her running and I wanted to say hi as I know she’s dropped by the blog 🙂


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  1. I prefer running at differ times of the day. Very early Sunday when the streets are clear are great for heading into the city centre or daytime for shorter runs closer to home after rush hour traffic and school runs are over. Also hoping for a Get Running HM plan… Maybe even a full Marathon plan? That’s my ultimate goal…!

    1. Keith says:

      It is such a good app isn’t it. I just hope they do extend it.

      Not sure I want to do a marathon if I’m honest.

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