Art and cupcakes

I visited the LOLCats Exhibishun ( #lolcatexhibishun ) in London today with Enda and I must say I have never had so much fun at a gallery before. Each piece of work is humorous and I believe you either get the pieces or you don’t (some of the critical reviews have been rather scathing).

It was refreshing to go to a gallery where the owner appreciates the humour in the work and where you can have fun and enjoy the pieces.

All the work is for sale and all proceeds go towards Battersea Dogs and Cats Home so it’s in aid of a good cause.

I hadn’t intended to make a purchase but there was a print of a tortoiseshell which took my fancy …

The three works in this series all feature cats in knitted orange penitentiary uniforms and this one Fudge made me chuckle. Not only because of the subject matter but because of its crime.

I couldn’t quite stretch to the full priced framed version but I did purchase a print. I already know where it is going to be hung. I just need to get it framed.

Following the gallery Enda suggested we should celebrate my birthday (well he suggested this way before to be fair) so we popped across the road to the Charlotte Street Hotel.

We ordered two glasses of champagne and settled in for a natter. The waiter came over mid way through, Enda thought he asked what we were celebrating and I thought he wanted us to order more drinks. We were confused but thought nothing more of it.

Ten minutes later the waiter returned with a cupcake on a plate decorated with Happy Birthday in chocolate sauce. This was such a lovely thing to do.

The waiter was apparently meant to sing but we left him off.

I was really touched by this kind thought and generosity. You don’t see that everyday do you?

The cupcake was delicious (I did share it with Enda) and the chocolate sauce was lovely. I stopped myself from licking the plate clean 😉

After lunch I had a browse around Spitafields Market before heading home.

A much more relaxing week day in London than I am used to!

I was also considering buying this classy little number…



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