Birthday weekend continues

Corpus Cristi College, Cambridge
Corpus Cristi College, Cambridge

As mentioned Richard and I planned to go to Wells next the Sea on saturday and have lunch in one of our favourite restaurants.

Sadly the weather report was not favourable as force 9 gales and hail were forecast so we decided it was best not to head to the coast in such weather.

After some deliberation (all ideas pointed to the coast!) we ended up going to Cambridge for the day.

It was incredibly busy in Cambridge and the odd toff really cheesed me off whilst we were there.

We had planned to go to the Cambridge Chop House and we got there is good time but some blonde toff and her handlebar moustached companion jumped ahead of us to head downstairs to the restaurant  Annoyingly she got the last table.

We had a walk around Cambridge and ended up in another restaurant which was very nice and probably just as busy.

Richard relaxing at lunch
Me enjoying my birthday lunch with my baby
Me enjoying my birthday lunch with my baby

Things seemed a little tense in Cambridge as we witnessed a traffic warden being shouted at by some angry woman.  Amazingly she dumped her baby with the traffic warden and walked off (she did come back for the baby!)

We decided to have coffee and cake somewhere else following a browse around the shops and colleges.  This is when we realised just how busy it was.  You could not move for people.  You couldn’t cross the road for the hundreds of bikes that were out and about and it was just bedlam.

We tried several places to get some peace (and a piece of cake) but were turned away from all as they were full.  Eventually we found a  nice cafe by the river where we got to have a rest and watch the rose faced athletic Cambridge students punting tourists down the river.

Aside from how busy it was, we enjoyed our day out in Cambridge.. maybe next time we won’t visit just as every one has been paid after Christmas… (which is why we suspect it was so busy).


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  1. Graham says:

    Great photos of the two of you, they are great portraits. may I ask what camera you used to get such great photos

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Graham. Both shots were taken on our iPhone 5’s.

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