Bookcase stops run…

This week we received our new sofa for the Study and this morning we decided to see how we could configure it to open fully into a bed.

Once we had a plan we decided to go with it and got on with moving it all around.  This doesn’t sound like much but all of our network, cabling, tech etc resides in the study so everything had to be carefully taken apart and put back together bit by bit.

Part of the shift around was the relocation of two bookcases.  All was going well until I helped Richard lift one bookcase into its new home when I got a sharp shooting pain from my lower back up my spine.  I have not experienced anything like this in a long time and it bloody hurt.

Ever since I have had a numb pain in my lower left spine which won’t go away.

After struggling to pick things up off the floor to put back into the study I did a few quick stretches on my foam roller and they seem to have opened up my back a little.

I am still in pain but I can get around.  It’s a challenge to bend over or get to floor level and it’s because of this that I have decided to forfeit todays longer run which I had planned.

I’d love to get out there but I am certain pounding the roads won’t help sort my back out at all.  In fact a quick browse around the web and a post left on the Runners World forum confirms this.

I’m going instead source some proper stretches for the foam roller which should hopefully alleviate the pain and get me back on the road as soon as possible.

Of course if all the instructional videos feature guys as cute as this, I may not want to get back outside…


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