What happened?

I have had a very busy day and haven't really been on top of things today… i.e. my routine is out of kilter, I've not eaten as well or as regularly as I normally do nor have I had as much to drink as I do normally. I've been sat at my desk for LLOONNGG periods etc.

I was determined to get home and go for a run, planning to run away the lethargy.

It was very cold and windy walking home but I was determined to get out there. I got home, fed Brandy and got dressed and hit the road.

It seemed to go well at the beginning, I was trying out my new RunBreeze cushioning socks. I had created a new Janelle Monae playlist (which I cleverly titled Run for the Monae). None of this however was enough to motivate me.

I was cold although I am sure I have run in colder conditions.

I was tired.

I ached.

My playlist wasn't as great as I expected – and the tracks shuffled which I specifically switched that off so I had no idea what was coming next – this was too much of a distraction so I opted for Princes new tracks from Screwdriver. Even that couldn't motivate me.

I was worried about the chores that had to be done at home and cooking dinner.

My news socks felt very different to my old ones and my trainers seemed to slip a little. This annoyed me and for the first time ever my toes appeared to be cold. I cannot say if this is the RunBreeze socks fault or if it was the cold weather but something was amiss.

I am disappointed with the socks though as my RunBreeze running kit is top notch and has not disappointed me so far. When I got in and took my trainers off it already looked like I had owned the socks for years and they were loose and out of place on my feet – not great (why did I buy two pairs!). I'm going back to my comfy, well padded Bridgedales next run.

All of this distracted me and demotivated me. I ran well for about a mile then I lost interest and focus. I tried to pick up the pace several times but I just didn't seem to have the energy and I couldn't find my get up and go.

Daz made a comment on twitter when I started my run to pick up my knees and rather ironically this is the first run since I started that I simply couldn't muster the energy or the will.

I really think it's a combination of the weather and the dark nights that's having the negative affect. I find out if I have my place in the Royal Parks Half tomorrow… Maybe this will motivate me a bit more. I think I need to find some 5 or 10Ks soon as this will give me new targets to work towards.

I don't know it just wasn't my night but at least I have been out for a run and at least I have added some mileage regardless of how poor I think it went this evening.



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