What’s my motivation?

As you know I didn’t get a spot in this years Royal Parks Half Marathon and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I have mixed feelings.

I’m happy I know the outcome but feel a bit sad I didn’t get in. I also feel sad that I convinced friends to join me – and a couple of them got places.

Then again it was Endas bright idea. Following his suggestion I invited friends only to find out he was joking. Ironically he got a place!!!

I’ve had my doubts about running a half marathon and have found running in the new year a bit of a challenge.

I enjoy running but the pressure of considering a half marathon and the conditions during January and February haven’t inspired me.

I think I jumped the gun too soon on this one. I am running for general fitness and although its great to think I could do a half marathon I don’t believe I should pressurise myself (or anyone else) into competing in one.

When I set up the event on Facebook I didn’t imagine I wouldn’t get a spot and naively thought at least me and a friend or two would take part… Didn’t think that through did I!

I hope those who did get places don’t feel compelled to run cause I put them up to it.

I am going to look for 10Ks as I am just comfortable with those at present. I enjoyed the MoRun but it was hard work in places. Maybe I need to work on conditioning and work at that level before jumping ahead of myself.

A good friend of mine has agreed to running a 10K or two with me instead of the half marathon and I think that’s a good idea. We just need to find some we can both attend 🙂


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