Smoke, Sweat and Tears

I haven’t gone out on a run all week and today was very busy so I was a little apprehensive about getting my trainers on.  It’s milder than it has been and dry with some sun so todays weather is a definite improvement.

Prior to the run we decorated our first floor hall, I ironed the weeks clothes for work, made lunch, helped Richard hand the new fire in the study and cleaned the house.  I wasn’t sure I had any energy left for a run!

I had a brief pause at the beginning of the run as some neighbours said hello but once I got going I as enjoying myself.


My right calf was really tight and I dig drag my foot once or twice – I was convinced this was my Asics again but am not 100% sure.  I haven’t run all week and these are nearly new shoes so I am bound to feel some pain and discomfort.

I did well through my run and just as I entered my 5 minute cool down my iPhone played Woodkids Run Boy Run. I smiled to myself and agreed that whenever Woodkid came on I would run my fastest and furthest regardless of what I was supposed to be doing.  And you know what?  I did!  I put my foot down and didn’t let my pace falter for the duration of the track.  I thoroughly enjoyed this energetic spurt in the run and decided to give it another go.

Woodkids I Love You came on next and I sprinted through half of that too.  I was tired by this stage and thought it best not too push myself too far so I slowed my paced and completed my cool down walk.

Not surprisingly this was my fastest song!

I used to do these sprinting sessions when I was deep in to my training last year and I am glad to see I can pick this pace up again.

I admit I have been plodding along a bit and these speed sections help to remind me that I can find more energy in my legs when I try, regardless of my chest, my breathing, the weather, the shoes or any pain.  I now need to harness this new-found drive and continue it through my other runs.

I can tell I have been pushing myself as I was tearing up due to the sweat running in my eyes – this and the fact it’s the first run in ages I have not needed my hat or gloves!  I did run past the allotments twice and on the way back had to immediately stop as some gardeners were burning garden waste and the smoke immediately got to my chest.  I think it was wise to walk through this, a cause it was painful to breath and b cause the combination of smoke, sweat and tears meant I could not see where I was going!  Once I was clear of the pollution I was on my way though… must remember this new hazard, particularly now the weather is improving and the gardeners are getting busy again.

And yes for the eagle-eyed I have reverted back to kilometers, it’s a much friendlier unit to run with and one I am familiar with.  Regardless of if I am running a half marathon at some point, running K’s means I know where I am (and I can always aim to run 21 k).  Thanks for the advice Paul.

I am sure after all this I deserve a rest (and I bet my Fuelband count will be through the roof!).


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