The Unplanned Run

I planned to run tomorrow. Turns out I'm probably going to be late out of work tomorrow so I decided to get home and get running.

I got in. Changed. Made out dinner (horse free beef casserole). Donned my high viz jacket and hit the road.

It wasn't as cold today as it has been but tonight it seemed to be damn freezing.

I didn't let this deter me.

I had no plan and simply set iSmoothRun for a 25 minute run. I've not managed a full block run for a while but decided once I got going to keep going until I felt I had nothing left (or I ached too much).

Tonight this meant I ran for 22 minutes no stop and got a really good pace going. I didn't left the pain in my calves get to me and I didn't let the cold weather out me off.

I had a brief break for a drink then ran the remainder of the 25 minutes.

I arrived home, tired, sore but happy.

Isn't is a bit sick when you miss the ache from exercising!

Fastest song was Batdance by Prince


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