Motivation, Concentration and Exaltation

Hmm my running seems to have hit a bit of a pattern which is triggered by my mental state and its good I have recognised this.

I haven’t run all week due to other commitments and lack of time and wasn’t planning to go today (I usually mentally prepare myself). I found a window in my day following some light decorating and house work which meant I could squeeze in a run.

I set iSmoothRun run for a mix of 5/8/5 minute runs with short walk breaks so as to get back into the swing.

First five minutes were ok. I mentally guided myself through the eight minute section but turned the music down as my calves were really sore, my legs felt heavy and it seemed that I was dragging my feet. On the final five minutes I was still uncomfortable and still dragging my feet but happy I had completed the runs I had set without any deviation.

I started my cool down walk and part way through Janelle Monae came on with Dance or Die, I turned up the music and went for it.

I seemed to leap forward and found much more pace and momentum than I have done before and just kept going until I knew I wanted to stop (I set a mental target but kept going). Shortly afterwards the iPhone selected Disclosure and Latch which saw me continue my spurt of energy and I completed a fresh loop much faster and easier than before.

I had pins and needles in my right foot but my calves and legs felt better and I was running on my toes and not my whole foot.

It seems I need to get this motivation and concentration back and above all enjoy myself and I will pick things up again in no time.

Maybe I should stop dwelling on picking things up and have more faith in my ability!

Running has now influenced my choice in fashion and footwear. I have always been an Adidas boy, wearing Stan Smiths with pride but since I have been running they have not seemed as comfortable or as fitted as they could be. I have Stan Smiths (which I love to much to want to throw away), some Vespas (which offer no support and pinch the top of my feet) and Original High Tops which are very classic but squeeze my feet and again offer no support.

All of these shoes are in great nick but I hate wearing all of them. I had some money for my birthday and decided to spend it on some new trainers and for the first time ever have opted for some Nikes.

I chose these for two reasons, 1) I love the hybrid styling of suede and material and 2) they have Lunarlon soles. I am so used to running in my Nike Lunarglide +4’s that I have opted for the same tech in my fashion street shoe.

Ironically these come up larger than my running shoes but the punkesque sales assistant at Size? in Covent Garden was really helpful and patient with me as I tried on three sizes.

We even got talking about running and what shoes he chose to take to the road in and he’s chuffed with his Flyknits but I am not sure I can stretch to £140 for a pair of trainers!

Anyway I like my new Nikes and look forward to hitting the town in them.

(All of this is made even more ironic that I am currently running in Asics!),

I’d love to know who would buy and wear these monstrous Adidas trainers:

Yes these are Adidas Pink Poodle High Tops!
Yes these are Adidas Pink Poodle High Tops!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nachthawk says:

    New shoes… they look the biz…

    1. Keith says:

      Thank you they’re a bit different aren’t they 🙂

  2. roberta4949 says:

    like both shoes, when I used to run ancient of days ago, I too found if I missed alot of runs (and when I went on weight watchers) that my legs felt heavy, and my skin would itch. my back and legs would start to itch like crazy, I attributed it to those good old capillaries starting to recede due to not running that much over a week, and then they finally are forced open, so I am just guessing, don’t know for sure, but it is good you managed to get back out there before your fitness started to drop. it probably relieved stress too.

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Roberta.

      You’re possibly correct. I know I got to where I did by building up the work in my legs etc. I just need to be patient and do that agin. I also need to ensure that I don’t doubt my abilities.

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