As I said in my update on twitter/lamebook post run…

Cold. Fast and slow. Sore throat, but did ok. Reclaiming my running mojo.

I set iSmoothRun run to do a specific run but did what I felt like.

I started with the niggling sore throat I have had all day but got on with it.

Legs hurt but I kept going.

Got tired, stop, had a drink, carried on.

Not bad considering its a money, I was feeling off colour and there was a cold wind πŸ™‚

Fastest track again tonight was Woodkid and I Love You. Maybe I should tell him how his music motivates me when I see him at the Roundhouse in London in May πŸ˜€

Oh and I called this post loop-the-loop as I chose to run short sharp bursts around the various drives and avenues near home as you can see from my rather chaotic running map!

Question is am I up to running a 6K this week as I have won tickets to participate in the Nike Flyknit Event at Somerset House on Wednesday night. Not sure to be honest. It'll be the longest complete run I had done in a while. It's new territory. It's probably with a large group. It's in London and it'll be after work (so having to try to sneak back in for a shower or come home sweaty)… What to do, what to do…

He me blogging community..!


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