This is how I torture myself…

As mentioned yesterday I have won a place thanks to Runners Need to participate in the Nike Flyknit Somerset House Experience tomorrow evening.

I didn't realise this was on for a couple of days and this particular time is a special event co produced tomorrow evening with Runners Need.

I also didn't realise it involved a 6K run!

Now I have had to make a decision about going and this has been my process:


  • Great, unique experience
  • It may force me back into serious running and stop me faltering on my own
  • Will give me opportunity to run a new route
  • I could meet some great people
  • I may get some cool stuff at the end of it


  • I don't believe I am up to scratch to run a full 6k from start to finish (I am completing 5 or 6K but that's including my warm up and cool down)
  • I don't want to be the one at the back of the pack
  • I don't want to look like a fool
  • It doesn't start until 18:30, when does it finish?
  • I will have to go back to the office to shower and change before heading home (my commute is a further 90 minutes after this at least)
  • When will I get chance to eat something decent?
  • It's another night away from home this week which is another night away from Richard and Brandy 😦

And so the demons in my head go on and on.

I've written to the organisers and they assure me the event is for people of all abilities but I really am unsure I can run a solid 6K with a crowd, in the dark and on busy London streets (which I have never done before).

It would be a great experience but I think I have quite literally put too many obstacles in my path to assure myself it won't be anything other than hard work and stress.

I shall stick with my normal routine, come home my normal time and run how I feel when I get in. I can then be assured less hassle showering, changing, a hearty meal and an evening with my babies.

Sound like I am chickening out? It might do but with work being so frantic and the possibility of not getting back after a long day until around 22/2300 with nothing more than a Burger King burger inside me isn't that appealing.

Shame though…


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  1. Okay so I am not a therapist or a runner, but your cons….. Need more convicting. I think you must do the Nike brand. ‘Just Do It” not sure if you heard, but Nike must change that slogan for Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius DON’T DO IT. well whatever you decide I think you are way better than most of us, by taking this running so serious. Good for you. My running is on a treadmill… Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Ivan thanks for that – I should really just get on with it but if my heart is not in it and I put in these excuses then it’s a bit of a lost cause.

      As I said I will run anyway and at least that means I am not forced to run with a pack or hang around late and come home later as a result.

  2. Do what you most comfortable with.. Don’t get yourself all tense over something you must enjoy. Be yourself. Don’t be bullied into doing something you not comfortable or committed to doing….

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