Nike #Flyknit

After all the reservations and concern I got there and did it.

The atmosphere at Somerset House was brilliant. A fluorescent pink tent greeted us. You registered, handed over your shoes, signed your life away then got a special t shirt and neckerchief.

When you got into the tent you were given Flyknit shoes – mine were a fetching pink. They were steamed and fitted to my feet.

They are incredibly light and fit brilliantly. Now I’m travelling home in my Asics they feel like they weigh a ton.

Waiting for it to start though my toes were sore and my back ached and I put that down to the cushioning but once we got going I hardly noticed the shoes.

We had a speech from some guy in the East London running club and a London 2012 800 metre running Olympian Andrew Osagie (whom I happily overtook on the run). Didn’t know who he was but he was incredibly fit.

The route was supposed to be 5-6k. We ended up clocking just over 7 and this was without my usual cool down and warm up walks. So this is by far my furthest run this year.

Interspersed in the run we had exercises and challenges (we got told off for making so much noise at the South Bank Centre).

We were given glow sticks to run with. Ran under Waterloo bridge with flares and at Waterloo Tunnels we had an impromptu rave with some guy rapping and a laser show. They also let off balloons as we crossed the Millennium bridge 🙂

All very different from my normal run (I will upload the video when I get chance). But lots of fun.

I faltered but had faith in my abilities and as I said I kept up with the pack and overtook an Olympian! My pace was good and I managed to keep in the middle of the field.

I cannot believe I have run London, with a big group and run 7K. And on a school night!

Now I need to find some sustenance on this express home. Fingers crossed British Rail bacon sandwiches aren’t as bad as I remember.

Wish me luck!




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  1. Nachthawk says:

    Looks like a brilliant event… aren’t you glad you did it…? well done…

    1. Keith says:

      It was great fun. I am glad I did it. Shattered today though!

      1. Nachthawk says:

        Shattered is good and you know exactly why… off now for 10 K – you gonna join me… 🙂

      2. Keith says:

        Lol. Indeed.

        I need to recover from last night first. Have a good run.

      3. Nachthawk says:

        Thanks – Have a great recovery…

      4. Keith says:

        I’m doing ok. Tired but surprisingly not that sore. Just heading home (20:06)

      5. Nachthawk says:

        wow – that’s late… so have a nice evening… you did good out there..

  2. Well done. That’s excellent glad you did it.. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan. It was great fun.

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