Dodging Bombing Pigeons Whilst Returning to Form

Today's run

It appears that Wednesdays Nike Flyknit run has spurred me on and has given me the encouragement I needed to get back into my stride.

I decided to keep iSmoothRun on free run and just kept going until I felt like I couldn't go any more.

I got out, put my LunarGlides on a took a decent route, no loops just a straight run…

It was windy out but I didn't let that deter me and I just kept going.

I headed out pass the station and along the Avenue of Remembrance. It's still lined with bare trees but the daffodils are trying to poke through.

As I started my run I startled some pigeons in a tree and as they took off a branch snapped and hit me in the chest.

Not wanting to let it slow me down (or to look like a fool in front of the many cars that lined the road), I kept going and shrugged it off.

I think the open countryside to my right and the cars pouring into Colchester gave me some incentive to keep going and to focus on my running.

I had a few stops so that I could catch my breath, have a quick drink and to skip to some faster/better music but held a good distance and pace throughout the run.

The fastest track (again) was I Love You by Woodkid (can't wait for the new album) and my cadence is back at 80.

I did download Cruise Control which is an app which tailors the music on your iPhone to your run. I thought it picked tracks with certain bum and played them to suit your pace. I stopped mid way through the run to start it up and I continued my run. I hadn't realised the app actually slows the music when you are running too slow (against its original bpm), and speeds it up to the right pace when you speed up.

It's very clever at adjusting the music to suit your running speed but I don't want my music to sound warped which is what it did do.

It's like running with a record player and if you slow your pace the music is moved from 45 rpm to 33 (that makes me sound old).

I honestly didn't like it at all and stopped again to switch back to the iPod and my normal playlist.

That's £2.99 I'm going to try and get back from the developer as I think the app isn't very good. Not my kind of thing at all.

I added some new tracks to my playlist today which was good as it gave me something new to run against – although as already mentioned Woodkid came out on top again.

I'm going to continue with this routine of free runs with the mentality that I run as far as I think I can rather than just run for a set period of time. Seems to be working out.

I enjoyed running in my LunarGlides again, although not as light as the Flyknits I ran in on Wednesday night they are definitely better for my running style.

My Asics simply seem too heavy and lumpy which is a shame as I loved my first pair. Looks like I'll be replacing my old LunarGlides and continuing my running with them (the soles are wearing on my current pair which is why I switched back to the Asics).

The limp on my heel wasn't apparent when I finished which sadly it had been with the GT-2170's. looks like my feet have completely adjusted to Lunarlon soles and Nike has come out on top!

Bring on the next run (although I have a mad week ahead and a forecast of snow and cold temperatures to look forward to but what can you do!).



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