Mustn’t Grumble!

So the snow has gone and most of the ice has thawed. The temperature is still below freezing but I thought I would get changed when I got in and just go for it.

This week has already been a bloody nightmare and it's set to get worse so the run would do me good.

I wanted to clear my head even if only for a couple of minutes but I couldn't be more pleased with my progress tonight.

I am growing tired of loops of the development but decided to stick with it to shield myself from the wind and managed two decent loops.

The best thing about the run is I ran solidly for 25 minutes without stopping. I held it together, I ran through any aches and I tried to reduce the amount of fluid I drank as it seems to slow me down. This is the longest section of running I have completed this year without stopping.

My breathing was controlled. My paced seemed about right. The new additions to my running playlist seemed to inspire me. And I went for it…

I actually feel sore now which I haven't really done for a while, but sore in a good way. You know, that “I've had a good run ache…”

I honestly feel really happy about tonight's run and really pleased with myself.

I thanked Paul (whom I consulted earlier about running today) for the encouragement but he graciously reminded me it was all my own doing. I like to think his kind words did help and I am glad I confided in him (as usual).

Anyway. Great run. Damn cold. Just went for it. Bring on the next run.

(That however won't be until the weekend as I am meeting a friend tomorrow who is visiting from Australia and I am participating in a workshop practically all day Friday). I'll be itching to get my shoes on again…

Fastest track tonight was The Shallow End by Sam Sparro 🙂



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