Squeezing in a Sunday run

This week has been more manic than usual and I was working behind the scenes of a workshop on Friday. Doesn’t sound that strenuous but the venue was a night club, three floors below ground and split over two levels.

As usual it seemed like I did most of the running around and I really felt it yesterday. My thighs were exceptionally tight, I have been very tired and have been snoring quite heavily since Friday – always a sign of me being over tired.

I planned to run yesterday but it was simply too windy and wet with hard driving rain and gales of 30 mph. There was a forecast of wintry showers etc today but its been relatively calm. That said the wind is still up and gusting but nothing like what we had yesterday.

Richard and I completed our usual Sunday morning routine of housework and a trip to the local store to buy some bits ahead of the in-laws visiting at Easter. We came back sooner than expected so Richard made a start on dinner (it smells delicious) and I got my tights on and my ass out the door.

It was actually windier than I thought it would be but not as cold. The combination of compression mock top, running tee and windbreaker jacket were a little much and I seemed to sweat a little more than usual.

I annoyingly didn’t achieve the solid long run I had on Wednesday but decided not to beat myself up and set myself the target of running 5k or getting home over 6. I achieved both and am very pleased.

I wonder if my fastest track will still be I Love You after Woodkids new album is released tomorrow. We’ll have to wait and see. For now though it consistently seems to get my ass in gear. I cannot remember running the complete track (although I must off). But once again it got me feet off the floor.

I’m meeting Paul this week for a drink and a catch up. I plan to get a 10k race in the diary with him and I may even discuss that half marathon again…

Much more of the same this week as there are more workshops and chaos to contend with. If I can at least achieve what I did this week I’ll be more than happy.


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  1. I big a blog just for you, on your current weather conditions… Sounds like a great day so far. We also do housekeeping over the weekends. We split it over two days and I have just finished the ironing of the linen….. Glad you had a good run. Enjoy your great dinner. R

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks I will take a look. It’s just a shame as it should be the start of spring. Parts of the UK have had snow again.

      Dinner as predicted was delicious 🙂

  2. Should read I did not big….

    1. Keith says:

      You did not big?

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