Feels like I am cheating

It is starting to feel like I am cheating on my running with work and the weather.

I knew this week (in fact the last couple of weeks and next) were going to be tough but I was determined to run at least twice a week. My run night was scheduled for tonight and even though I was dog tired I was convincing myself I would get in, get laced up and hit the road.

Sadly I got home, the temperature has plummeted and it was snowing when I got off the train.  I barely had the energy to run on a normal day but this was a step too far – and snow on the first day of spring.

I think it was a sensible decision as I had things to catch up on at home and this is a rest night ahead of what will be another very long day as I am facilitating at another workshop in central London.  It will feel like I have run a marathon by the time I get home late tomorrow.

It pisses me off that work gets in the way of my running but I don’t allow it to happen that often.

I need a goal and after a conversation with Paul, my running buddy – we have signed up for the Richmond Park 10k at the beginning of June.  I cannot make any sooner than that due to work commitments, our holiday etc but this will give me something to focus on and something to look forward to.

Paul assures me it’s a beautiful run and I look forward to running with him as his encouragement and help have been instrumental in getting me running.  You never know, I might just see how I go and have a discussion with Paul about that half marathon (I might).

It’s a shame I didn’t get out tonight as I had created a new playlist for the run and everything.  I may try to sneak a short run in when I get home from work Friday (If I get in at a reasonable time) but to be honest this looks like a one run week – which for me is rare.

I am seriously considering running in my lunch break around London or at least running with te Covent Garden Nike Running Club (which I have been threatening to do for ages).  I am sure all of these steps will help my current running lull and give me more opportunity to get out there.

Ivan made a joke about the weather in Britain and I hope his prophesy isn’t going to come true as I am not sure we can cope with any more winter…  I hope it brightens up and warms up soon.

(There is a prize for anyone who can work out who and why I picked this particular featured image for this post… 🙂 )



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  1. I hope that weather takes a turn for the better soon very soon… All this cold and snow not good for the soul….

    1. Keith says:

      So do I.

      All these cold grey days are miserable.

  2. Nachthawk says:

    Good post and welcome to the real world. It is ever so difficult to motivate yourself to run with a busy schedule. At least you are thinking about your running, which is good. Did I mention that it is still snowing here… gotta get out there 🙂
    Have fun and the 10 k in June is a great idea…

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks mister. At least I recognise I cannot run and don’t go too far or push myself or punish myself when things are so tough.

      The 10k will give me plenty of motivation and my mate is going to join me on some runs after work so that should help.

      More snow? We had light flurries yesterday but that was all. It’s bitterly cold tonight though 😦

      1. Nachthawk says:

        Sorry – my name is Jurgen… where are my manners… the 10 k is really a good thing and you should manage no probs…
        As to the snow, didn’t stop snowing yesterday at all… so running today was pretty cold, sun shining and brrr…

      2. Keith says:

        Nice to meet you Jurgen 🙂

        Let’s hope it warms up and brightens up soon for both of us!

      3. Nachthawk says:

        Pleased to meet you too – Keith I guess… 🙂
        Well I actually thought we had it done and dusted, however soon we will be running in beautiful sunshine, you’ll see. Have a nice evening…

      4. Keith says:

        Yes it is Keith 🙂

        I know. And first day of spring and its freezing.

        Fingers crossed.

        All the best x

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