I won’t be running today! :(


Yesterday was officially the first day of spring – it does not feel like it 😦

Seems like my Flyknit boost to my running may be all forgotten by the time I get back into my trainers. Bloody winter!



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  1. John says:

    Same here, went running in the falling snow last night but not today, Maybe tomorrow.

    1. Keith says:

      We have been out and had a walk into town but it’s very slippery so I think it’s best not to risk it.

  2. Nachthawk says:

    Wow… that doesn’t look good… you guys are hit again… unbelievable. Germany is frigging cold and the wind is something else… and yes… I will be out there – no question about that.
    Have a great day off… Enjoy it !

    1. Keith says:

      Cool. Good for you.

      I really wanted one decent run this weekend but the snow keeps stop starting and it’s slushy and slippery. Crap conditions to do very much, let alone run.

      Have fun in the wind! Wrap up warm.

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