My legs hurt. It’s very windy. It’s cold. I haven’t run for a while. All of these things are negative and unhelpful.

Yes my legs hurt, yes it’s bloody windy (and cold) and yes I have not run for a week again due to other commitments but I got home, got my kit on and got on with it.

I planned to run for 20 minutes and ended up on my feet for 35 minutes. I nearly cracked 5k this evening and despite the cold and general lethargy I simply got into my stride and enjoyed it.

The clocks have changed and although cold it was gloriously sunny which made a big difference.

I have my winter kit and yes it’s annoying I’ll probably still be using it for a week or two but at least I have it and it protects me.

There is no excuse and I know once I am out running I am having fun.

Having a 10k in June and a friend who is determine to shake my lack of current confidence by running its me all helps to get me re motivated.

I believe I am being too hard on myself anyway as we simply have not had the weather nor have I really had the time but I have got out there and done what I can when I could and that equates to at least one run a week through one of the coldest, longest winters we have ever had here in the UK.

I am not sure I am going to be as mad as Enda and Fergal and try to run 10 10Ks in 10 days but all I can say is best of luck you plucky fellas!

I am still deliberating running the Royal Parks Half in October, I am stalling as I need to find a charity place and want to run for the right cause.

I’ve told Paul, Enda, Janice and Em all about this intention and mentioned it in passing to Richard. I simply hope I have Richards backing and with all their support kick up a gear and get training for my first ever half marathon. It can’t be that hard right?

Fastest track (I wish it was Prince and +itvity), was Happiness by Sam Sparro 🙂

1 run down this week. 2 to go…

Oh and I managed all this without trying the new RunKeeper iPad app – dam! 😉



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  1. I heard that the RunKeeper iPad app is a huge sellout…… Glad you got out there and ran, I really admire your determination. I need to get my but into motion and get a treadmill for home. Ivan.

    1. Keith says:

      GET ON WITH IT!!! 😉

  2. As Nike says JUST DO IT… will keep you posted.

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