World on My Shoulders, Lead in My Feet

I left the house early this morning as the sun was shining and there was no cloud in the sky. Of course it's still pretty damn windy and chilly (2 degrees) but just having bright sunshine made it feel so much better.

I ran today simply to clear my head and to try and switch off from the past couple of days. I'm not sure it worked. In fact it probably proved just how distracted I am. I recall the distance markers on iSmoothRun but I wasn't really paying any attention to the pace, time information etc.

I felt sore, my legs were heavy and my feet were numb throughout the run and this lack of focus probably didn't help. I aimed to run 5k and managed to push myself to 6.5k. I found my rhythm around 4k and got into my stride.

This wasn't my best run but it was great to do it.

Fastest track again was Run Boy Run by Woodkid which was kind of ironic as my friend Paul texted me just that as I was running. It was quite entertaining to hear Siri say “Run Boy Run” that over the music when Paul texted πŸ™‚

So I'm distracted as two of the most important people in my life are currently ill; Richard has had lots of problems and complications following the removal of his wisdom tooth. He's ended up having several procedures to sort this out this week and it has been knocked sideways with the pain and treatment.

Yesterday following a routine ECG my mum was diagnosed with another leaking valve and they have admitted her, keeping her in to undertake a new Angioplasty on Monday afternoon.

I wish I could make Richard and Mum 100% better but I know I can't. All I can do is show my love and support. I hope Richard will recover soon and that mums operation is a success (and that she learns from these constant messages from her body to slow down and actually heeds the advice once and for all). It's such a pain though as I feel so helpless.

This week has been such a contrast to that of the Easter weekend. I can only hope things get better for all concerned.



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  1. Thinking of you and I hope that Richard and your Mom have a speedy recovery. Wisdom teeth is a very painful procedure. Keep the faith. Ivan

  2. Nachthawk says:

    Hi Keith, it is not the pace that matters, you were out there and that was good. I usually run to clear my head and like yourself, sometimes I am not successful stopping the voice in my head. You will see all will be good in the end – your Mum and Richard will recover, even though you cannot see it right now… If you can – go running tomorrow again and you will feel a little better again… Keep your head up…

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Mister x

      1. Nachthawk says:

        Well we have been introduced πŸ™‚

      2. Keith says:


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