Run Saturday – Check! Run Sunday – Check!

I had planned this week to run two runs consecutively, something I have never done before.  They didn’t need to be big runs, they simply needed to follow one after another.  I did this for two reasons:

  1. I want to see how I get on running without a break between the days
  2. I had to go out to renew my travel card so had a walk of at least 2K to the station and back so I might as well turn it into a run

I felt OK this morning, I got out early and it was bright and sunny once again.  It was however cold and there was a freezing fog (with frost in the park).  This didn’t really help my chest but I persevered.


As you can see even though there is a red section (which is where I stopped to buy my ticket), I had a consistent run today.

I needed to get out and was determined to get out as I had a poor nights sleep and things are laying heavy on my mind regarding my mum etc.

I was spurred on this morning as I was thinking about Dave (Inner Runner), Janice (Go Bru Go!) and Simon who are all running the Paris Marathon today.  And not forgetting Mr Hemingway who is running his first ever marathon in sunny Blackpool.  I wish them all the very best and hope they all achieved the times and targets they were hoping for.  Reading David’s tweets it was very cold at the start in Paris and I am sure that it would be much the same in Blackpool.  I hope they all did well.

It kind of puts my running into perspective but you know what I don’t care cause I love running and this time last year I hadn’t even thought about running (I was probably still blogging or complaining about the runners on the South Bank).

It’s hard to believe that I have nearly been running for a year (but not quite) and I notice what a change it has made in me.

It’s given me drive, it’s given me confidence, I have focus, the ability to de-tress  camaraderie from fellow runners, I have a lean body and buns of steel 🙂  Who’d have thought it eh – little ol me!

I am looking forward to heading out to El Morche i a couple of weeks and partaking in runs along the promenade in the mornings.   have long watched the locals do it, it’ll be nice to join them and to run in a sunnier warmer climate.

If my weeks get rather manic at work again (or if I need to head home in the near future  I am happy to know that I can cope with consecutive runs – just as long as I don’t go mad!

Fastest track was Timebomb by Kylie – hurray!  For once it wasn’t Woodkid!  LOL

Oh and I am considering running the Valencia 10K in November… you get to finish the race running over water!  How cool is that!


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  1. Buns of steel. Vanity. He he!!! How is Richard doing today, I really hope that he is on his way to recovering. My last maxilla surgery threw me for a six and it took me awhile to be back on my feet, but each day you get stronger. Hope you can rest today or at least take it easy.. Oh well done on the two days in a row run Mr steel… Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Lol. Vanity indeed. To be honest I didn’t notice. Richard pointed that out to me. I did however notice how lean I was looking whilst on holiday in Cyprus last year.

      Richard is slowly getting better. He seemed to have a good nights sleep so fingers crossed he’ll recover very soon.

  2. Nachthawk says:

    10 k in valencia… now that sounds like a very good idea… I was thinking about the 10 k in austria (reschenpass) for a somewhat exotic location… good that you were out there…

    1. Keith says:

      It sounds like a great location but the 10k registration doesn’t open for months!

      1. Nachthawk says:

        You got a plan – that is all that matters… and valencia in autumn… simply brilliant… 🙂

      2. Keith says:

        I have an even bigger plan now. More the be revealed soon…

      3. Nachthawk says:

        You not gonna go over board and do the 21 ?

      4. Keith says:

        Wait and see…

      5. Nachthawk says:

        ok – mr. ironman… 🙂

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