A Summer of music

This great summer of music just gets better and better. I am particularly looking forward to:

Empire of the Sun

Daft Punk

And this fabulous teaser from Janelle Monae (new album The Electric Lady out soon)

Not forgetting Neil and Chris…

Bring on the sun!

You’ll note I have not mentioned any of Princes new stuff – funny that!


And to top it all Disclosure announce their debut album Settle. Be still my overused wallet!


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  1. Nachthawk says:

    You are listening to that kind of music while running… is no wonder you can only manage 4 k… lol – naa just kidding… is very good – just hasn’t enough power to it… bit to much on the soft side for me…

    1. Keith says:

      Most of that isn’t in my running list.

      1. Nachthawk says:

        I hope you could take that joke… 🙂 didn’t mean to be mean… So why don’t you post some music that is on your playlist… i actually don’t listen to music while running anymore…

      2. Keith says:

        Of course. Don’t be silly.

      3. Keith says:

        I did post an entry about that ages ok

      4. Nachthawk says:

        You did indeed… just wanted to make sure, I know you guys are very polite… just wanted to make sure that you take it as a joke… will not do that anymore…
        anyhow – I am more of a blues man – heard of Joe Bonamassa ? Are you on Facebook btw..?

      5. Keith says:

        Who?!? Lol. I am. Follow this page on Facebook and you should find me from there.

      6. Nachthawk says:

        Cool… you going running this evening..?

      7. Keith says:

        No tomorrow. Other stuff to do tonight.

      8. Keith says:

        Email me your Facebook details and we’ll connect

      9. Nachthawk says:

        Checked your page – however they changed the layout and couldn’t find the connect function…
        my facebook site Jurgen Mak – see if that works…

      10. Keith says:

        Send me an email trunkguy at gmail dot com

      11. Nachthawk says:

        Sent a message via Facebook… check it out…

      12. Keith says:

        Me. Didn’t get anything.

        Why did they change facebook. It’s awful now.

      13. Nachthawk says:

        supposed to be more streamlined… check your “other” inbox… for people that are not connected this is where messages go…

  2. Great selection.. I am a die hard pet shops fan, but then I just love music full stop… However must just say not Justin bierber ….. Pull up those pants PLEASE. SHOWING MY AGE. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Lol. He’s not a muscian he’s a joke.

      Had to update the post as another great release has been announced!

  3. Disclosure must check it out.. Oh are you doing the iTunes music buying now, or still the CDs?

    1. Keith says:

      Majority of the time iTunes

      1. Good man. It’s just bad on the wallet…

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