Another day, another 7K

I used Gipis today to coach me through this run and to get t the end of another 7k. The second this week.

I set everything up as I did on Wednesday but this time I must have hit workout instead of run and soon into the run I was being guided to slow down, keep my pace or speed up. I thought it would be annoying but it proved very helpful.

This was also my first run with a y-fumble. This is a Lycra pocket you wear anywhere on your arm which holds anything from keys, to iPhones and supplements. I purchased one (rather cheaply) for the holiday as the apartment has several keys and I didn't want to cram them all into the tiny pocket in my shorts.

I was surprised how light the y-fumble felt on my arm and given that it was carrying my iPhone it stayed in position.

I like my In Case armband but I am sure I must tie it too tightly as I barely noticed the y-fumble on my arm.

It has no window which meant that if could not keep looking at the screen to check my time and my pace. This was actually really useful as the audio cues of Gipis were enough to keep me concentrating and I didn't look at the iPhone once. ISmoothRun told me my time and distance and Gipis kept me on pace.

I had two minor stops for drinks but kept going, speeding up and slowing down as guided by Gipis. I ran a full 4K before I took my first drink and felt great. I in fact found myself arriving home smiling and singing to my music.

I am really really pleased with tonight's progress, the coaching and my general mood. It seems that the 7K target was what I needed to get me motivated and I was really happy to have cracked it.

Fastest track again was Alive by Empire of the Sun but as you can see by my heat map I did my usual and ran off too fast at the start. But what is great to see is that the rest of the run is a very similar colour, not slow but consistent. This is great as it proves I kept on pace and kept going.

I didn't suffer any pins and needles either.

If things keep up this I shall be well prepared for my next organised 10k at the beginning of June 🙂

This is my last running update before the holiday. I will probably only get two runs in whilst there but I am really looking forward to some new scenery and running along the sea front in the sun.



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  1. Love it. Love it. I am huge fan of all the new merchandise that we get that makes our life’s better. Looks very practical yet so light and easy to wear. Enjoy the beach.. Ivan

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