Corriendo al lado de la playa*

20130423-100337.jpgThis morning I ran my first 5k in Spain. The first run I have ever completed in Spain and on Torrox Costa.

I would never have imagined running here whilst out at the apartment in 2013 but here I am, day two, up early (ish) and pounding the pavement of the beach front.

I had a minor false start as I was about to finish my warm up walk when I realised I didn’t have my water bottle. I headed back and also put a compression top under my tee shirt as the wind was biting.

The promenade is approximately 2.5k end to end and dead straight with a minor incline.

Running into the headwind up the prom was a big challenge but I got on with it.

I reward myself with a drink break at the head of the promenade by the light house and used that as an opportunity to capture the photo above and a video on Vine.

It may not be obvious but the point in the left of the photo along the coast where the buildings stop is where the apartment is and where I started my run.

Running back seemed much easier as the wind was behind me and I knew I could complete 5k simply by heading back to the apartment.

There was plenty of old timers out walking, people walking their dogs, bar staff and beach workers setting up for the day. The odd passer by would say hello. I chose to smile and wave after a couple as I wasn’t sure whether to respond in Spanish, German or English!

Fastest track was Alive by Empire of the Sun but once again Gipis did a good job of keeping me on track. I found the instructions a little hard to follow running against the wind but I kept up with it. I didn’t run its forecast 7k but hey, in on my holidays!

I wasn’t going to run with music but decided it would help motivate me and cut out the whirl of the wind!

After stretching on the beach I stopped by the local panaderìa for some nibbles before joining my baby back at the apartment, on the balcony for breakfast.

I type as the sun gets warmer, the clouds are pushed away from us to reveal what looks like a lovely day.

I am sure we are both going to enjoy this holiday (we already had a lovely day chilling out yesterday).

*excuse my paloma Spanish 😉


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nachthawk says:

    I must be doing something wrong… 🙂 Good on you being out in Spain, what a location to run at… cool…

    1. Keith says:

      😃. It’s lovely running along the beach here. It’s such a longer stretch of coast you could go for miles. Makes a change from my usual view.

      1. Nachthawk says:

        I well believe it… Have a great time in Spain…

  2. So glad you are A) on holiday B) relaxing C) running D) spending time together. Enjoy. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan. I am very happy about all of the above too 🙂 x

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