Loving Every Minute ’cause You Make Me Feel So Alive…

Besos de la playa!

Another run in the sun and a great feeling this morning.

Little wind, cooler temperature but clear and sunny.

The locals I have been passing this week have gotten used to the skinny idiot running down the beach front and have started to wave and smile as I pass.

I purchased a baseball cap yesterday to try and stop the sweat getting in my eyes. It worked for the most part but my glasses still got wet due to the sweat coming off my grandads eyebrows (I didn’t steal them I inherited them).

The red section in today’s run is when I paused to take this mornings Vine and beach photo. I didn’t stop for long!

I cannot convey just how much I enjoyed the morning. In fact when Empire of the Suns Alive (hence the title of this post), came on I wanted to sing the chorus at the top of my lungs. I was happy. Running well. Enjoying the sun and smiling as I went.

I am also really pleased I’ve managed 3 5ks 3 days in a row. This is a first for me and I feel great. I’ll probably do the same tomorrow and that will be it for this week.
Fastest track today was a classic, Powerstripe by Tigercity.

Yesterday was really relaxed and chilled. We both had a lovely relaxing day and a lovely meal out last night.
I was sat watching the locals running along the prom and used to ogle the fit young Spanish men. Of course I am still doing this (we both do), but now I check their running form too. I find myself checking how they run, land, lean and breath.

Probably helps that I reread The art of Chi-Running yesterday and tried to practice some of this again today.

We got up to 23 degrees yesterday and I caught some sun when I feel asleep on the balcony.

Today promises much of the same 🙂

I am sure you can see how relaxed we are by this photo of Richard chilling on the sea wall last night.

Did I mention I nearly left the apartment without my trainers on!!! Not sure I am awake enough for morning runs – or maybe I am really relaxed!


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  1. eguinan says:

    That EOTS track is fantastic when running, isn’t it? My PowerSong at the moment is Tegan and Sara’s Closer – I really want to punch the air when it comes on, but the denizens of the canal and Victoria Park may get perturbed. 😀

    1. Keith says:

      I wanted to sing at the top of my lungs but I would have woken up most of Torrox Costa – not good.

      It is a great inspirational track. Keep me going through k number 4.

  2. Well done on you. Sounds like this has been an ideal break for the two of you… Now enjoy the sun and siesta time. Ivan.

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