Final run in the sun*

*well the Spanish sun…

I planned to run two runs this week, I’ve ended up running four. Four 5ks on four consecutive days. A first for me and a set of runs I have thoroughly enjoyed.
I’ve run a total of nearly 22k this week and am amazed how my legs etc have held up. Yes I’ve been sore. Yes I’ve had the odd niggle but there has not been any major pain or discomfort. If this week has proved anything it’s that I have the energy to keep going (of course it’s much easier when running alongside the beach in Spain on holiday).
It was cool and breeze free this morning which made for a very comfortable run. I did however feel some tightness in my calves and decided to ease back today. I think this was wise as I don’t want to trigger any injury. The next two days off will prove interesting to see how my body copes with this activity.

I had my usual stop to capture a short Vine video at the lighthouse at the end of the beach…

We had a quiet day yesterday as it came over a little cloudy late afternoon and it was a bit fresh. The local environment agency has also started to move sand from one end of the beach to the other as its eroding. This is usual for Torrox Costa but we’ve never seen it on this scale before and we haven’t ever seen the beach closed as a result.
The owners of the local hamocos companies are not happy as they cannot put their beach loungers out and people cannot use them. As you can see from the photo the mounds of moved sand have been dumped in front of the hammocks at the top of the beach. This made for some entertaining arguments on the promenade this morning (I love how animated the Spanish are).

Fastest track today was Dance or Die by Janelle Monae and fastest runner on the prom last night was this guy (phowar!).
We have a full day here today and fly back to Blighty late tonight. Today promises another day or chilling on the balcony (already doing that), a bit of shopping and chilling before packing up and driving to Malaga.

Until the next time Torrox… Adios!


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  1. Well done on your runs and on recharging the batteries, pity you could not have stayed for the weekend. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      I know. Never mind. All checked in waiting for our flights. We’ve had a lovely week.

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