Adios Espana!

And so another week in the sun draws to a close but it’s safe to say that Richard and I had a thoroughly relaxing week away.

Of course we have all the photos we captured to remind us of fun week in the sun, I have my sunburnt shoulders and we also have this compilation of short Vine videos which I shot whilst away.

I am feeling remarkably well considering all the running etc I have completed whilst away. Ironically Paul (see below) has been on some major runs in Colchester and has found some routes and venues I was not aware of. I will be sure to get his map details so that I can check out his recommendations (although to be fair he is a lot fitter than me so I won’t be running all of his distances just yet!)

Paul and I captured on Vine
Paul and I captured on Vine
We arrived back home at 2am and are a bit tired as it was a long day of travelling. Our friend Paul house/Brandy sat for us and it seems like he has had a mini holiday in Colchester 🙂 It also looks like Brandy has had lots of fuss and company whilst we have been away.

Until the next time Torrox…


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