I found it!


Tonight I honestly think I found my pace, my rhythm and my stride. Thanks in part to the aid of Gipis and thanks to the number of runs I ran last week I think I have found my stride and a pace I am happy with.

Gipis only ran for the first 2.8Km of tonight’s run (I ran just over 6 tonight) but it was enough to get me into a rhythm. A Rhythm I have not felt before and one that carried me up the steep hill to the golf course, over the top, across the dual carriageway and back again.

Music was playing, iSmoothRun was logging pace etc but it all seemed to merge into the background as I simply paid attention to my legs an my rhythm. As you can see from the run it’s a fairly consistent colour:


I am even happy with the slight deviation colour as this was the hill I was running so I am very very pleased and very proud of myself tonight.

Ecco_Men_Biarritz _Earth Brown_630064 02704_4The collection of runs in Torrox has proven that I can keep going and I had my first day back to work today which wasn’t great. I went in wearing new shoes and they were rubbing me. So much so I had to buy thicker socks at lunch.

I thought this would cause me problems but once I got my trusty LunarGlide +4’s on it was like being back in a pair of familiar slippers. I was comfy, I found my stride and all the aches and pains from the work shoes disappeared.

A car full of youngsters and a dog passed me this evening, as they passed they all cheered and the dog barked – this made me smile. I was also smiling quite a bit today when some of my colleagues told me how fit I as looking – this is a first and an occasion I am really proud of. I am not running to gan some major physique or really to lose any weight but I notice I am much trimmer and leaner now that I am running and am very pleased to be receiving compliments as it means others are noticing all my hard work.

It’s milder here, spring has finally sprung but it’s no where near as warm as it was in Spain last week. The trees are in bloom which means there are more hazards out and about and tonight I did inhale a fly. I am sure this won’t be the last of this season!

I am very happy with tonight’s run and very very pleased with my progress. Long may it continue.

Fastest track was The Golden Age by Woodkid.


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  1. Ou never lost it, you just had to discover your own pace, your own footprint. Well done sir. I really like those shoes, classic with a hint of style… Glad you back on track.. Have a good evening. Ivan.

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan – you are very kind 🙂 I am so pleased with tonights run. I shall sleep well tonight!

      I like those shoes too but they won’t get worn in rain as they are very light suede.

  2. So glad you found your stride, at this rate you hopefully will be ready for your next marathon. That’s the only downside of suede, but then it’s hard being a slave to fashion….

    1. Keith says:

      Next marathon!?! I haven’t run one yet!

      I am sure they will be fine. They are from Ecco whose shoes are really robust.

  3. No marathon. Now that’s your next goal. Will go check the web re: your shoes, they honestly look like great shoes. That’s one thing I have a weakness for is good shoes, I have too many shoes and mostly black boring work shoes… William thinks I need to get some more hip shoes for work… I say no more.

    1. Keith says:

      Lol. Check out Ecco they are brilliant. Great shoes. Great styles and they are pretty indestructible.

      A marathon is a bit beyond my reach!

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