Speed it up


Gipis training had me running tomorrow but I decided to stick to my three days a week with a break and ran tonight's plan.

Tonight was tougher than Wednesday and included a block 15 minutes running at a much greater pace than normal. At one stage my cadence had gone up to 84 and my pace was recorded at 5:47 which I believe maybe nearly the fastest I have run.

I found the block quite tough and didn't quite count the time properly in my head but I kept going until I needed to stop. I stopped simply to take on some fluid and to catch my breath. I continued shortly after but didn't realise I only had about 90 seconds left of the fast session. I was a little annoyed I stopped just shy of the plan but should be happy with my progress.

The plan was to run 4.2k but I ran on past 5 and even managed to throw in another short fast session as I was feeling exhilarated.

The weather was lovely. It was a lovely sunny evening and 19 degrees. Apart from the lack of sea breeze it was reminiscent of my runs in Spain.

I wore my cap tonight and that went some way to help stop my glasses steaming over with sweat etc.

I did think mid run that this being the first run in my second year of running, how I could have imagined that a regular pace and a regular run of 5k was possible. I wouldn't have dreamt it last year and remember the struggle to break 5k. Now it's the norm! I didn't even now what speed training was!

I do however feel grateful (and a little smug) that I learnt to stretch/warm up/cool down properly from my first run as I have a routine that works and seems to help sort my muscles out. It's important kids, make sure you do it too!

The plan now is to rest up tomorrow and Sunday then start again as normal Monday. Of course it's a bank holiday here in the UK so I have all day to run. The forecast is for hot sunny weather so it should be a lovely run/weekend.

I am looking forward to enjoying this long weekend with my baby.

Fastest track again was Axis by Pet Shop Boys and it really helped me step up a gear and motor through the first section of my speed work.

Lets see how much I ache tomorrow!



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  1. Well done.. BTW tomorrow I am going to look at gym equipment, a treadmill and bicycle for home…. You see I have read, been inspired and now action…. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thank you.

      Good for you. Just don’t try to do too much at once. Maybe look for some free training program’s or podcasts etc online.

      Maybe start with “Couch to 5k”

  2. Red Hen says:

    I am curious about your x3 times per week training. Having run myself into chronic foot pain over three years, I am finally coming around to the fact that maybe one can train too much and that less, in running as in life, can actually mean more.
    Gonna follow you to see if I`m right!

    1. Keith says:

      Whenever I read about running it always states that you should give yourself sufficient time to recover. That’s why I have two single rest days and two together every week. This seems to work for me as do ensuring when and how I run doesn’t push my body too far.

      Decent stretching and warm up/cool down sessions are also key to reduce injury.

      Some runners however do run daily (in fact I did that in Spain recently) but its a matter of what you have trained your body to do and what it can handle.

      Thanks for following. I hope my blog helps in some way.

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