Up with the larks


Fast intense run first think on bank holiday morning. And why not? It's sunny, it's warm and I was awake. It also means I am done for the day and have a great run behind me.

This was a run of very short intensive fast sections and I found it hard work. I kept going though and am happy with what I achieved.

I set up the run in iSmoothRun but used the plan from Gipis. Fumbling with both apps didn't help my run and I made a further stumble today when I got a bit worried about what section was what and how it would work in iSmoothRun run. I had a slow red section in the run and this is where I was messing about with my bloody phone. I got it sorted though and soon got going.

The interval coaching is different from Gipis and it had me a little confused at first (running the first two fast sections too fast and too early), but once I realised what was going on I got into it.

I will definitely plug all of my coaching into iSmoothRun run and simply keep Gipis updated, using it as the training tool. Seems a little backward but this way I get to use my favourite, familiar app and not have to worry about messing about swapping apps etc.

This morning was lovely and sunny with a nice cool breeze, the hard spots of the run had me gasping for breath but that's the general idea.

The odd tabby nodded hello on the run as did an old gent out walking his dog but apart from that and the birds it was a very nice quiet route today.

Now to enjoy the remainder of our bank holiday Monday (and I get most of my friends haven't even got up yet).

Fastest track today was Get Lucky by Daft Punk.



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