Runner Watching

It was a glorious day in London and I chose to find a bench on the Embankment and watch the world go by whilst enjoying the sun.

Of course this meant I got to observe all the runners heading up and down the river.

This used to annoy me (as a non runner). It used to give me a chance to look for cute guys too but not any more…

Before long I found myself watching how people run, their form if you will.

I wonder if all the runners have read about techniques, whether they have received coaching or wondered how long they have been running.

I’m no expert but I find it interesting how we all have different styles of running and I wondered what I look like when I run. I did try to catch a glimpse of myself in the window of a merendero on Spain but couldn’t be too critical at speed!

In Chi Running you are taught to lean into the run to help gravity move you forward and these guys seems to be doing that with some success.

So people’s posture was all over the place. These two appear to have it sorted.

I also find it interesting that on such a hot day only these two were running with a drink. 20130507-182233.jpg

These two seemed to be flying along and their valance seemed to be quite high. I find it interesting that my snap has both of them off the ground so they must being doing something right.

The other thing that fascinates me about runners is their arms. Chi running states you keep you elbows at 90 degrees, push your arms back (not forward) and use them as a pendulum. Trying not to cross too much in front of the body.

I really try to remember this one and was amazed how many people seemed to look like they were trying to fly, didn’t move their arms at all. One guy looked like he was treating himself as horse and jockey and kept slapping his own arse!


I guess when it comes down to it you run what is comfortable and you find your own rhythm.

I may read about this kind of stuff but whose to say I don’t look as ridiculous as everyone else.

Maybe I am being too critical.

All I know is all shape and sizes of runner are out there to observe and it’s interesting to see how we all differ.

That said I would never run like this:

Running topless is a brave move. I think you have to have a certain confidence (which this guy obviously has), but even with the best body in the world topless running is best avoided. You could burn. You sweat faster. Technical clothing exists for a reason people!

And who wants to see that when eating their sandwiches!

I know there are no pictures of women but I find the way they run very different from men as they have very different shapes and curves to consider when running.

Maybe next time I’ll join them and look just as ridiculous running down to Westminster and back… Maybe πŸ™‚


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nachthawk says:

    Some life you got there my friend… πŸ™‚ sitting in the sun watching the elite… it is lashing rain here, since we didn’t have much rain over the last couple of weeks… it is well needed. I am however dreading the evening round.

    1. Keith says:

      Lol. The rain is forecast for tomorrow so don’t worry it’s not all great.

      You do forget how much life you really do see in London. And there are some sights!

      Enjoy your run.

      1. Nachthawk says:

        From what I’ve seen… London was a great spot, however a lot of things have changed… last time I was there was in 94 – I think… enjoyed it and we had a ball…

      2. Keith says:

        It may have changed it may not. You’ll see some new bits but on the whole it’s the same

  2. Red Hen says:

    Studying running form is interesting. I especially love seeing runners come in at the finish line of a race-huge changes in form by then for most of us!

    1. Keith says:

      That’s true!

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