Hard and Fast


Tonight’s run was more training from Gipis to get me ready for the 10K race I am running on the 1st June in Richmond Park.

It was an intensive session which saw me start at a steady pace then run pretty fast for 15 minutes before slowing for 3 minutes and then returning to the steady pace.

It was quite hard work and after the second loop of New Braiswick Park I did find my stride but dreaded hearing iSmoothRun tell me to run faster. That said I kept going and managed the whole of the 15 minutes stretch and as you can see the colour is consistent on the run.


I started at a different point this evening because our neighbours are looking after our car as the road outside our house is finally being finished this week. This made for an interesting run and I am glad I had a warm up walk as it gave me chance to work out which roads and paths were closed. Running back past the house was a challenge too as I had to go onto the road and run on fresh tarmac – it wasn’t hot but it was still a little sticky, I don’t think that did very much for my pace.

I won’t have to worry about the roads here when I run on Friday as I am going to run in my lunch break with a very good friend of mine. If you want to do like I did yesterday and partake in a bit of Runner Watching then pop down to the Embankment in London around mid day as that’s when we are setting off.

If you see us out running Friday, Paul is the handsome one on the right - I am not!
If you see us out running Friday, Paul is the handsome one on the right – I am not!
I have only run in a group at night in London so a mid day run with a friend when its busy will be interesting. It’ll also be interesting to see how I manage running in the middle of my working day.

Paul is super fit so it’ll be interesting to see how much I slow him down when we run!

We are running together as we are both participating in the Richmond 10K and thought it would be good to get one another motivated and run as a pair. He’s promised to run at my pace for Richmond but I know he can do so much better than me…

It was a little breezy this evening but the focus on the interval training and the coaching really helped to concentrate my mind. I knew pretty much what I had left to run and was surprised how quickly the KMs tripped away. For a training session I am also surprised that I broke through 5K as I hadn’t imagined that would be the case given the time I am out running.

Fastest track again was Alive by Empire of the Sun – that seems to be a really motivating track. Mind you I have gotten used to my playlist but surprisingly not to a point where it annoys me. I think I have mentally struck the right balance between listening to my body, using the music to motivate me and having the coach guide me through my runs which is great.

Remember if you are in London on Friday, please don’t laugh as you see me struggle past!


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