Running to Lambeth

I went on another lunchtime time run with Paul today and we extended our route to Lambeth Bridge. This added about 1.5K onto the run we completed last Friday.

We learnt from last weeks experience though and stuck to back roads as much as we could.

That said we had to stop to cross Westminster Bridge at Westminster Palace due to the crowds, government vehicles and traffic lights.


I was happy to run close to Paul’s pace (even though he was on a go slow due to a lively night out on the beer!) 🙂

Conditions were ok although it was quite windy in places.

I felt a few twinges here and there but persisted as I was determined to keep up with Paul as much as I could.  As you can see we managed a pace of 5:07 at one point so we were certainly motoring along.

Next week we are going to change tactic and do some speed work instead – this will be more like the work I have been doing with the Gipis training.

Not long to go until the Richmond 10K and the more I run with Paul the more confidence I get and the more enthusiastic I am about race day 🙂

Coming back into work and carrying on working does seem to astound my colleagues but I like to think it’s testament to what I have achieved 🙂


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  1. Excellent run and you still inspire. Ivan. Enjoy your weekend….

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan. It was great to run London again. Have a lovely weekend.

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