Change of Plan…


So it wasn’t a brilliant day today and the Gipis plan had me running an easy 15 minutes as an “easy recovery day”.

I decided that I wanted to keep the pace that Gipis recommended but keep going.

I also decided that I would stop counting my warm up and cool down sections in my work out.  This has been skewing my results for a bit and I was pleased that the run with Paul on Friday was a true reflection of what I am possible of.

I have been running long enough that I now know how long I need to walk to warm up and the same goes for cooling down so that will no longer be added or counted into my running plans.

This means I find tonight’s map really interesting as I was to run a regular pace for the duration of the run and can clearly see that I started off slow and got into my stride as I went.

I am very happy that the rest of the run is much the same shade which means I managed to keep a good pace throughout the run.  This is especially good as the coaching ran out at 15 minutes and I simply carried on until I reached 5K, trying to make sure I maintained a regular rhythm – which it looks like I did.

I wasn’t as fast as I was running with Paul on Friday but I am pleased that I just kept going and I didn’t think about pausing.

I also managed to reduce the amount of water I drank and subsequently reduced the amount of crap I felt the need to clear from my chest. It was quite humid tonight so I thought it would be worse (and I hasn’t had my inhaler) – yet all seemed to go well.

Fastest track tonight was Alive by Empire of the Sun although oddly that does also include the slow section.

I’ve noticed since Friday that the soles of my trainers are starting to wear so I have had to hunt around for a new pair of Nike LunarGlide +4’s.  This is not as easy as it sounds as it seems that Nike are starting to stop stocking them (probably to get us all purchasing Flyknits).  I did manage to get a pair online (the exact same colouring I have now) – I won’t wear them until after the Richmond 10K on the 1st.  I am sure that my current trainers will last until then.

I had a minor pain in the top of my left knee following Fridays run and this is possibly due to my trainers – my knee feels ok tonight.  Thankfully a couple of minutes Saturday and Sunday on the foam roller seemed to set everything right.

Paul and I are meeting for dinner tomorrow so that I can plan how I can going to train for the half marathon.  A fortnight before the run Richard and I are off to Canada so I need to work out whether I train for the race date of until Canada.  I am sure we’ll work it out.

I wanted to thank all of those who have already sponsored me for my Half Marathon on the 6th October – you guys are the best 🙂



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  1. Glad you getting you pace and seem to be getting to know how you react and don’t when you run. Canada how exciting is that. Never been but my nephew was there a year back and loved it… Ivan.

    1. Keith says:

      I am happy with my progress and it all seems to be working out which is great.

      Yes Canada – I am dead excited. We go to Vancouver, Vancouver Island and end up at Tofino – this will be a fantastic holiday. Just have to get the summer out of the way… (not that I am wishing that away).

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