Man on bicycle, eyes open – looking surprised with tongue out.

So tonight was back on the Gipis 10K plan and it was a fast night of steady 5 min, very fast 15 min, slow 8 min and steady 5 min.

I think I did really well considering all of the fast bits I seemed to be running head long into gale force gusts of wind. It was difficult and I stopped briefly at 13 minutes as I had to have a drink and catch my breath. I continued soon after and enjoyed the run, continuing the steady section until I got past 5K.


Again I only recorded the physical run and not the warm up cool down and it's interesting how I have this red section at the beginning where I believe I am doing ok but am obviously working up to speed.

I did ache a bit at the end of the run and am almost certain it's cause I am not so used to the speed work and my wearing shoes. That said I did alright.

When I got in I made sure I did more than enough stretching and massaged my IT Band with my foam roller. Boy it hurt in some places but at least I feel much better now. Just a tip for the boys – don't try to do IT Band exercises on a foam roller when you are naked! Things get in the way!

Mid way around the run I got a text message from Paul and I used Siri to dictate it. We had a conversation prior to my run so it was relevant to that. Siri simply read out “Man on bicycle, eyes open looking surprised with tongue out”. I kind of understood what Paul was on about but it seemed like a very odd thing to text someone. It wasn't until I got home I realised Paul had messaged me this:


Of course Siri being extra helpful was explain what the emoticons were. This made more sense when I saw the message but it did make me laugh along my run.

Fastest track tonight was Because I'm Worth It by Mint Royale. A break from my normal running tracks but I was listening to the album following a conversation with im on Twitter about Random Access Memories. I had to add this track as it's fun and it obviously got me motivated to complete the run (and obviously run faster).

My pace is up cause of the speed work and I am feeling much stronger as a result. There's not much running left to do or the 10K – I simply need to persevere and I am sure I will be in good shape for Saturday week.

Paul and I met for dinner last night and we had discussed my half marathon strategy. I was worried as Richard and I are away in Canada right before the race but it works out quite well. My intention is to train so I am ready by the time I get to Canada, we will have fairly active holiday anyway and I can run a long race when I get back which is the week before the actual race.

My intention tonight was to look at some Half Marathon plans but I think I have run out of time. Some i have found are quite scary and Guru Paul believes I can train in plenty of time, running three times week with a combination of a steady run, speed work and then a long run on the weekends – building up time and distance as I go… Wish me luck.

Please help me raise my sponsorship target for British Heart Foundation.



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  1. Just loved the title of your post. Good Siri, I cannot get Siri to do what I want her to do…. Maybe I need to practice more.. Canada should be amazing. Now have a great evening…. Ivan.

    1. Keith says:

      It did make me chuckle. And in the UK Siri is a guy.

      We are SO looking forward to Canada đŸ˜ƒ

      Cheers. Have a good day.

  2. Siri is a girl on my phone. Maybe that’s what I cannot get it right…. Never had any luck with the “the ladies”. He. He. Canada were and for how long?

    1. Keith says:


      11 days. Vancouver. Vancouver island. Tofino.

      1. Amazing. Something to look forward to…

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