Wet and Wild


Paul and I met up at lunch for a run and planned some speed work.  We picked Blackfriars Bridge as our target and started with a normal jog across the bridge and back.

We then increased this to run fast for half the length of the bridge and jog the rest – we did this in several loops before increasing this to a full high speed run across the bridge for the full length and then jog the whole length back.

This was good fun and interesting to run with Paul especially as I thought I had a bit of an advantage at first running ahead of him for the first few sprint sessions.  Of course he is much much fitter than me and soon over took me.

It was absolutely belting it down with rain and blowing a gale so my chest was feeling the pressure of the extra work.  At least I didn’t feel the force of someones umbrella which ome poor runner did when it blew inside out and took him out!

I looked at iSmoothRun once in the run as I was unclear how long or how far I had gone – it was only when Paul raised the question about the length of bridge that I realised my tracking had stopped.  I am not sure if I knocked it, stopped it or whether rain had gotten in a trigged the pause but it meant I have not accurately tracked todays run which is so annoying.

Luckily Paul was tracking through his Garmin so I know I was running for 24 minutes and ran just over 4Km.  Not bad considering the conditions and the mind games I had started to play on myself with regards to doubts about how well I was doing as I had no idea how far or long I had gone.

This is the revised route with the correct data but of course this doesn’t include all the pace data etc 😦 


That said it was a good run and I did enjoy it.  I need to work on pacing without music etc and have to ensure I am on top of this for the 10K on the 1st.  I am sure it’ll all be fine.

I was very happy all I had to do was come back across the bridge, stretch and then head straight into a hot shower at the gym.  Poor Paul had to run home in the rain before he could have such luxury.

Still a good run regardless of the conditions and the tech issues – looking forward to the race.  Cannot believe it’s just over a week away!


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  1. Great post. You will do great on the 1st. How did you get into the running if I may ask…. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan.

      I did this corporate challenge where you wear a pedometer for 6 weeks. It proved even through walking that I was more activity than most of my colleagues. I thought is give running a try as a result and started with the Get Running app which based on the Couch to 5 K plan (a combination of walking and running which gets you to running a complete 5k in around 8 weeks).

      I stuck with it and didn’t look back.

      1. Wow. That’s excellent. I looked at treadmills today, rather pricey but we getting there… Good for you btw. Ivan.

      2. Keith says:

        Can you not run around where you live?

        Thanks Ivan x

      3. Well that’s part of the problem. We live on top of a mountain type suburb and the roads leading to our road are very steep so the getting up and down is a challenge. No flat roads close by. Plus I am just lazy and prefer a treadmill that we could use at home…. Ivan

      4. Keith says:

        Lol. Fair enough.

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