Sunny bank holiday

So far the bank holiday has started well and the dreadful weather seems to be behind us. It may not have helped yesterday's running but at least it was dry and sunny today.

Richard and I took a drive too Woodbridge where we enjoyed the sun and the wonderful views along the river. Richard just bought himself a Canon M in preparation for Canada and my Olymous PEN is playing up so I took the Lumix G with me.

Sadly my phone battery was a little low otherwise I would have recorded our route as we completed the full circuit of the river, through the wood and back into town. It must have been around 5k easily.

As you can see we both had a lovely day and took some nice shots of Woodbridge and the Deben River.

Long may this nice weather continue into the bank holiday.


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  1. Great pictures and Richard camera has received some great reviews. I hope he is enjoying it. I need to get out and start taking more pictures… Enjoy the rest of your long weekend if Monday is your bank holiday… Ivan.

    1. Keith says:

      Ivan. Many thanks. Richard is currently in the process of uploading his photos. I’ll share some later. He is enjoying the camera.

      We intend on having a lovely weekend thanks. 🙂

      1. Glad. And the our weather looks like it has changed for the better…

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