20130529-173619.jpgI had one more training run to complete. One more chance to get out and get ready for Saturdays 10K and I am having to forfeit tonight’s run.

Work has been completely shit today and I’ve left later than I usually do.

There’s been so much unnecessary stress and aggro at work that I really could do with tonight’s run but I simply do not have the time.

I chatted with Paul about missing tonight’s planned session and as he says I have done as much conditioning ahead of Saturday that I can.

Tonight was a steady 5K so I am not missing much by not running.

I understand this and I understand that I should now rest ahead of the race on Saturday but I’m really unhappy about it.

I wanted to run tonight and I wanted to get some movement in my legs.

Work should not rule what I am able to do in my free time and I am fully aware that I will have to configure my work and running schedule together to achieve my half marathon goals.

I’m pissed that I’ve not even started half marathon training and already the job is getting in the way.

I will over come this and I will work a way through this but for now I shall simply have to resign myself that for the first time in ages I have forfeited a run.

Not because of the weather or my health but because of other factors. This does not please me at all.

I am heading home now and will ensure I have a long hot shower to unwind. I will then spend my evening curled up on the sofa with my baby and Miss B (it’s not all bad is it šŸ™‚ )

So this is my last running related post ahead of Saturday. I’ve started to pack my kit etc to make sure I don’t have to rush to do it tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Sorry to read about work, hate it when you get a curve ball at the office,,,, good luck and I am sure in fact I know you be great. What a great achievement sir… Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan. Once I’m home I’ll be in a better headspace :).

      Feeling quite relaxed about Saturday if I’m honest.

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