Richmond Park 10K – 1:02:14

The Richmond Park 10k adventure started with Paul texting me to say he was not well yesterday. I must admit I worried a bit as I was mentally prepared to run with Paul but not on my own.

Thankfully a heaving dose of lemon, honey, Lemsip and Benadryl seemed to sort him out.

I stayed at Paul’s as Richmond is the other side of London from Colchester.

We walked to Clapham where we had a very nice and filling meal at a local Italian. This seemed to be enough to stock up my reserves but annoyingly I speared the top of my mouth with the caramel from my creme brûlée.

We had a relaxed evening, facetimed Richard and turned in.

I woke up at around 4 then 5 but managed to dose until the alarm went off at 6:45.

We had a fuelling breakfast of porridge, banana and juice before showering and heading to Richmond.

We planned our journey well and ended up arriving in plenty of time. We had more than enough time for a loo break, to take some pre run snaps and watch the deer that roam the park.

The park soon filled up and there were plenty of runners and supporters.

The races were split between 5K and 10k and were very well organised.

To ensure the runners didn’t take over the park we went in waves and Paul and I ended up in the first pack of the 10K.

It was a little over cast and a little chilly at first but the sun made an effort to break through and it warmed up quickly.


At 5K I was comfortable and Paul and I had found a pace I was happy with (he can go much faster than me).

At 6K I recalled the trouble I had on the Mo Run and had some phantom groin pain.

This passed and was replaced at 7K where the pins and needles attacked my right foot.

At 8K I was through all this mental stuff and talking to Paul about how my trainers definitely need changing.

I didn’t aim for a time but secretly was hoping for under 1 hour. At 7K I found a good rhythm after some initial breathing problems and thought I would make it.

Sadly at 9K this was obviously not going to be the case but I kept up the pace and found some last minute energy to cross the finish line just ahead of Paul.

I certainly need to pace better if I have that much energy left in the tanks at the end of a 10K.

I am very very pleased with today. My final time was 1:02:14 which is faster than Mo and was a consistent pace.

Mo I had to stop and walk several times. This time I did not.

The speed work has made me marginally quicker but it had helped my strength.

I ran the whole course and regardless of any doubt on a few parts I kept going and found a pace I was really happy with.

I am sure I can push myself further and will work on this as I start my next phase.

So I’ve done it. Another 10K and I have another medal to add to my collection 😃


Richmond Park is a beautiful setting and amongst all the running we managed to avoid running through any deer poo! Paul unfortunately caught his ankle on a nettle when he was walking to the start but he managed to not let it trouble him.

Richmond is so scenic. There’s acres of deer park and open wood land. It was amazing to come around the loop and see London way off in the distance.


When we completed the run we took our short thank you video and some finishing photos with our medals to capture the day.


We then headed back to Paul’s to shower and to have some lunch.

I’m now on my way back to Colchester to see my baby.

I cannot believe how well today has gone and how much I have learnt in this year of running.

Paul is a great coach and a true friend. He had helped me in so many ways.

Thanks to everyone who left such lovely messages on Flickr, Facebook, here and Twitter. Your support means the world (not sure about the comments about my nipples – naughty!). Thank you.

So what next? An easy week and then I start preparing for the half marathon..!


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  1. Well done. You did it. And you must be very proud of your achievement. Go trunk guy go… Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan. I did and I’m really happy with how this morning went. And it’s such a beautiful run 😃. Thank you for your support.

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