Sunny Lunchtime Run in London (#nationalrunningday)

I planned to run at lunch today and Paul agreed to join me.

It was glorious day and as they say mad dogs and English men… Well it was certainly warm and we seemed to have joined all the office workers and as many tourists as possible during the run.

We didn’t quite make it to midday as we’d planned as work threw in a few spammers but I was determined to get out there and Paul and I started half an hour later.

We ran along Victoria Embankment, snaked our way around to the Tower of London before heading up onto the bridge, across and then back down the South Bank passing HMS Belfast, More London and the Tate Modern.

It was tremendously busy and in places we had to do a lot of ducking and weaving about to avoid everyone out enjoying the sun.

I ran in my new shoes again and was a little worried as my right foot was really sore yesterday. Thankfully apart from an odd niggle I managed to carry on ok and feel a bit tight now but nothing major.

I honestly believe that the Brooks Green Silence I wore to work yesterday didn’t provide any support and were too tight which cause my right foot to Theo’s throughout the day.

Paul had already cycled 40 km in the morning but had boundless energy on the run (he actually managed to run 10K in total).

Cause of the crowds, his ability and his experience he did charge ahead in a couple spots and I had to concentrate not to run into anyone or lose him. At one stage I nearly went up onto one of the bridges when he had run under it.

I have walked these routes many times before but never actually run them. It’s good to run with someone who knows the routes as Paul was confidently pounding the pavements and cobbles on sections I would have been inside about.

I found some of the running a little tough. The combination of the heat and keeping up with Paul was a challenge in places. I am happy that I didn’t actually stop at all though and even though my pace was slower than his, I did keep going.

I did run in miles again but on mentioning this to Paul I am going to revert back to KMs as its a unit I am familiar with and it makes sense to me.

I knew we’d covered some distance but it wasn’t till I converted the run for miles that I realise how far I had gone.

This was a lovely route to run though. We saw so many sights and it was lovely running along the river and taking in all the famous London landmarks. I’m sure the tourists think we are nuts but we are very lucky we get to see all of this every day.

For another follow up run from a race I am happy with my progress. I now want to do the first long run of 4 miles. I just have to decide whether to do it Friday or Saturday.

I am happy with the progress in my new shoes. Two runs in and they are breaking in nicely.

And such a glorious day for it too! Long may this lovely weather continue.


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  1. What an amazing place to run, expert for those tourist. Not going to mention nationalities.. Good for you to run during the day, during work break. Ivan

    PS how is the fundraiser going?

    1. Keith says:

      It is but it’s a victim of its own popularity.

      It’s going ok £310 so far. Not doing a bit push just yet as have a couple months to go yet.

    2. Keith says:

      And believe me today, I needed the break!

  2. What a great way of saying its overcrowded. Work hectic by the sounds. Enjoy another good day in London Town. Ivan

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