Listen to the rhythm of your heart

So tonight I decided to do as planned and ditched the earphones and the music. Apart from races this is very rare for me to do but I was determined to run, listen to my body, my breathing and see how if got on.

I did have the audio instruction on iSmoothRun just to guide me with my pacing but I could hardly hear it and it didn't distract me.

Considering the colour of my trail route today I am happy that its fairly consistent as this was my first decent distance run by feel.

I ran the first easy 30 minutes training run of this half marathon plan back on the 3rd of June and given that I haven't really run much over the past week, I am very pleased that I have increased the distance by nearly half a kilometre.

A different route and a different type of run for me tonight but I am at ease with this pace. I didn't struggle to keep the pace, I was able to concentrate on my breathing and I didn't need much fluid either.

Run one for the week complete.

Now I can concentrate on enjoying the Pet Shop Boys concert tomorrow in London 🙂



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